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Could you Forgive Your Husband If You Had Caught Him Having Phone Sex Chat?

We’ve all had conversations where the issue of adultery is being mentioned and not too long ago I was in this type of conversation with a neighbor who was in fact telling me that her husband was in fact making use of her charge card to purchase discussions with an sex line service and the notion that he would use her dollars to purchase sex was basically what had actually rattled her “The only silver lining in all of this is that these were low-cost phone sex discussions” my good friend eventually pointed out regarding all those phonesex discussions he had been taking pleasure in behind her back, as though he ought to be thanked for his wisdom for locating very low priced phone sex chats rather than more expensive adult phone lines! I couldn’t help but ask her if the price of his “indiscretions” was the main reason for being frustrated, let’s be honest, if my own husband was the one having adult one-on-one erotic chats with other girls, I believe I would have become raving mad with regards to the whole thing!

“I’ll tell you what” she said finally… “Not necessarily. I mean in the beginning I guess I was, What i’m saying is he was interacting with various other women to fill needs that I was supposed to be filling, however I concluded he wasn’t doing anything drastically wrong. Of course, he was talking with people other than me, but these are fantasy lines we are talking about, true, he was indeed involved in conversations of a sexualy nature, but in a settings in which the women he was talking to were just role playing.

“If I’m completely honest with you, it didn’t bother me that much! Well, I suppose in the beginning I was, but you know what, I was more worried about the fact that he had used my credit card to pay for this, and at least, the service he called was cheap. Some may argue that anytime someone has any type of intimacy with another person, whether it be in person, as in real life, or virtual as in this case, then it is a form of cheating. But I didn’t see it that way. You and I know perfectly well what we sometime get up to when we go out together, I mean we do anything physical with anyone, but we do indulge in a fair amount of sexual banter with people ourselves, don’t we! No… There was no anger in how I reacted, other than the disappointment at finding out that he used my credit card for what he did!”

Her reply gave me food for thoughts. It had undoubtedly surprised me, and I had to concede that her thought process appeared to be reasonable. The reality is, everyone believes that the girls that answer these types of calls are nothing like the images they publish on their websites thus it could be taken into such a context that it’s not the woman her husband dialled that he was experiencing phonesex with, but instead a illusion, an actress who was playing a specific role play.

After all, is there any husband out there who doesn’t watch porn whenever he can, alone, without the company of his lady? “I caught Bob (my own husband) watching porn on his iPhone the other day! I had to admit. “I can understand your point of view though since when that happen, I was angry with him, not because he was watching porn, but because he was doing it without me”!

And before I could continue, she landed the knockout punch as it were.

“I am telling you. I was furious because of the credit card issue so I let him have it for a while. But when that was done, I realized that was feeling left out, I mean if this man whom I had always enjoyed intimacy with was himself exploring fantasies by phone, shouldn’t I at least see what the bid deal was all about?!”

I was shocked! This was my gentle adorable childhood friend I was talking to. The woman who had her very first kiss one year or so after I had mine… The girl who lost her virginity after she went to college when all of us had become “women” years before. And here she was revealing to that she and her husband were engaged in some 3some phone affairs. It was insane… And also thrilling.

“So… What transpired? Did you actually….?” I eventually asked her.

“She looked at me with a devilish smile on her pretty face and simply said: ‘YES! And I loved it! you should try it!!”


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