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Older men often tell me that they don’t know where their youth has gone, and the more they age, the faster they think their life is moving on, leaving them behind. Many feel that the more they age, the more they wished they could have sex with young girls one last time, and this might sound perverted and all, but for these men, the thought of a young body, firm and smooth, combined with the energy of youth is an incredible turn on! I have to say that I understand exactly where these more mature men are coming from! I am in my early thirties and already find myself looking with interest at some of the college students I see in the town I live. As such, Age Play Phone Sex is for me the ideal method to deal with these urges as it combines fantasy with role playing and makes it possible for an older man to have sex with a girl who’s just turned 18 for example! Many young women, in their twenties and even early thirties can role play a barely legal girl and I am lucky that I have some of these experts at age play working with me. I have someone even better than that. I have the real deal, a gorgeous and innocent looking barely legal young little girl who is so delicious she’s become a favorite with our girls and callers alike. Problem is she has a day off today, which is one reason for this post!

Maybe you have walked in your neighborhood and noticed a young co-ed visiting with her parents next door and the only thing you cannot help remembering the little girl that she was once and the woman, even sexy young woman she has now become? And now that you are looking at a girl over the age over 18 who looks so very yummy, are you thinking about the “things” you would love to do to her (Or her do to you!) Of course there is! The problem is needless to say that it’s out of the question. She is way too young, too vulnerable. She may be past the age of 18 but she is nonetheless a kid. Furthermore there is a difference between having an erotic thought and actually experiencing it in real life isn’t there? Well yes and no. Age Play Phone Sex whilst an activity that is based purely on fantasies and the power of suggestion can feel and taste as if it was the real thing!

A few days ago, one of my barely legal phone sex young lady called in sick. Let me be honest and say that this was not the type of “challenges” I looked forward to as now, all her active callers need to be allotted to another woman.

I really enjoyed my conversation with the younger woman last week, you know the barely legal girl and I want to chat to her.

Fortunately, I have more than just the one barely legal girl!


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